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49ers Opponents: Russell Wilson, Seahawks Blow Through Chiefs

While we have to take preseason results with a grain of salt, it is safe to say out friends at Field Gulls are jumping for joy after last night's demolition of the Kansas City Chiefs. The Seattle Seahawks put together strong performances in all three phases of the game that are certainly cause for optimism. I think we're all happy to be the wet blanket and point out that this is just preseason.

Nonetheless, it would seem like Russell Wilson could very well be in line for the Seahawks starting quarterback position by the time week one rolls around. We'll find out more in the coming week, but after last night's performance, it will be interesting to see how Matt Flynn is handled moving forward.

On the offensive side of the ball, they got some big catches from Braylon Edwards and Terrell Owens. Edwards had a 32-yard reception and TO had a 40-yard reception. Although they got plenty of work from other receivers, TO and Edwards are the highest profile receivers on the roster.

TO had some drops before hauling in his pass, which followed a low key performance last week. Add in that it sounds like things are not going quite so peachy in camp, and TO might be on the wrong side of the bubble heading into the Seahawks preseason finale. Braylon Edwards on the other hand seems to be handling himself well and looking sharp in practice. At this point I'd be surprised if Edwards didn't make the roster.

Given how things are shaking out, any thoughts on the preseason 3-0 Seahawks. While preseason records may not matter, it sounds like there has been some research that it can have some meaning for teams that finished between 7-9 and 9-7. Whether that's true or not, I'd imagine this Seahawks team is getting some confidence heading into the regular season. What do you think about what they're putting together up in the Pacific Northwest?