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Golden Nuggets: 49ers-Broncos Is Just About Here

While there were all sorts of little tidbits across the links today, getting ready for the Denver Broncos on Sunday tops the charts. While preseason wins aren't particularly important, the first string portion of Sunday's game will have plenty of storylines to follow. The most prominent involves the two quarterbacks. However Coach Harbaugh wants to describe it, the 49ers had some sort of interest in Peyton Manning. Whether they did or did not pursue him really doesn't matter at this point. But given the national nature of this broadcast, we'll get to hear plenty about Manning vs. Smith.

Beyond that however, there are plenty of interesting matchups, including Von Miller versus the 49ers offensive line, and the 49ers secondary against Peyton Manning and his receivers. Really, the entire 49ers defense against the Broncos offense is something to watch. While Manning hasn't looked spectacular thus far, he still brings a certain measure of intimidation as Peyton Manning.

On to the links!

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