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Preseason Week 3: Saturday Evening Open Thread

The 49ers get going tomorrow afternoon, so this is almost acting like a normal college football Saturday. A lot of football to watch, but not impacting the 49ers for the most part. We had an open thread this morning for what turned out to be a fun half of Andrew Luck vs. RG3. Both quarterbacks did some really good things and should be fun to watch this year.

Now it's time for a new thread for the evening contests. There are some potentially interesting matchups, although it will mostly be first half football. Lions versus Raiders could be fun for potential offensive fireworks. Saints-Texans also has the potential for fireworks. Rams-Cowboys is the most pertinent game for 49ers fans as we look to see what the Rams do in their potential "dress rehearsal" game. They've been a bit all over the place as they look to climb back fro a miserable 2011 season.

Enjoy the evening and we'll be back tomorrow with all sorts of 49ers-Broncos coverage to get you going!