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49ers Roster Cuts: See Any Surprises Tomorrow?

The 49ers will cut down to 75 players tomorrow, which means there is plenty of speculation about who is a lock to be cut and who might be spared a few more days. Most of the players getting cut tomorrow have been at the bottom of the depth chart from day one and never had much chance at making what is a fairly deep 49ers roster. However, there is always the chance for surprises.

We've had some discussion about potential cuts over the course of the week, but nobody has thrown out any names that would surprise people. Somewhere someone mentioned Anthony Dixon as a potential cut, but that would be pretty surprising in my mind. Given the injuries the 49ers have suffered at running back, Dixon is likely going to get a sizable number of carries later today, and again next Thursday. I don't think he makes the final 53-man roster, but there is opportunity for him to showcase himself while also keeping the rest of the 49ers running backs out of harm's way.

One position that will be interesting to watch tomorrow is wide receiver. We've seen plenty of chatter about Nathan Palmer, Brian Tyms and Chris Owusu, and it honestly seems like people are split evenly in their support all three. I don't expect any of them to get cut tomorrow, but how much do we really know about how the team views each of them heading into the final week of the preseason?

So, does anybody jump out at you as a potential cut tomorrow that might surprise other people? Personally I see it being very cut and dry with the bottom of the depth chart, but maybe I'm overlooking something.