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49ers Vs. Broncos: Eric Bakhtiari Suffers Head Injury

We're heading into the second half, and it sounds like Eric Bakhtiari might be done for the day. The 49ers announced to the beat writers that the linebacker suffered a head injury after taking a knee to the head. There has not been official confirmation that he is done, but I would imagine it is unlikely he will return this game.

The timing is not good for Bakhtiari. He was playing well, but his absence means Demarcus Dobbs will get some more opportunities at the nickel defensive end role. If he can prove he can handle the role on a fairly regular basis, Bakhtiari could find himself out of a job. Injuries are never good, but for a player battling for a roster spot, the timing could not be worse.

Speaking of battling for a roster spot, it's backup time, which means players will be looking to prove they are worth keeping past tomorrow's cuts. The 49ers will be unloading 14 players between now and 1pm PT, so this half could prove pivotal for some.