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49ers Vs. Broncos: Scott Tolzien Enters As Third Quarterback

One of the things we were waiting to see in today's game is who would enter as the number three quarterback. Coach Harbaugh had said Colin Kaepernick would be number two, but would not commit to number three. After some solid play by Colin Kaepernick, Scott Tolzien got the call ahead of Josh Johnson.

This does not necessarily mean Tolzien is ahead of Josh Johnson in the battle for the number three quarterback spot. It is entirely possible this is a showcase to eventually trade Tolzien. Not necessarily what is going on, but it remains an interesting storyline to follow. I realize we follow the 49ers closer than fans of other teams, so we could be overvaluing this, but this seems like one of the more interesting QB3 battles in the league.

We've got plenty of end of the roster battles to watch as this fourth quarter closes out. Realistically we're just talking about the third QB, but for the deep end of the roster, it's important enough.