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Golden Nuggets: 49ers Defeat Broncos, Ted Ginn Jr Injured

Well, I was not lucky enough to have seen yesterday's game, having to work and all, but I was able to follow it while eating my morning bowl of cereal and we were down by a fair bit. Then, at break (or morning tea, depending on who's telling the story) my fancy new smart phone tells me that we won. So we have definitive proof that our 3rd string is better than Denver's, but what else did we gain from this game?

Another thing to come out of the game was Ted Ginn Jr. injuring his ankle. Once again, it appears we're dodging a bullet and x-rays are negative, but you know what this means. It's very possible that Kyle Williams will be returning punts to open the season in Green Bay. I don't know about you all, and I respect the kid for all his hard work, coming back from the Championship Game, and saying all the right things, but I will be terrified when the Packers go 3 and out on the first drive of the game, and...... shiver..... In the depths of research I also noticed that Eric Bakhtiari left the game with a head injury but I don't see any speculation as to the nature....we'll probably learn more tomorrow.

There's a ton of links from after the game so I'll get into them....

Kyle Bonagura notes that the first-team defense has looked less than spectacular in the preseason, giving up points on 6 of 7 series. Colin Kaepernick had his best game as a 49er. | 49ers notebook: First-team defense continues to struggle. (CBS Sports)

Anthony Dixon looked good in his bid to make the roster, which, by most accounts seems to be a long shot. Tramaine Brock played poorly, missing a tackle and giving up an early touchdown while Perrish Cox had an instant impact, picking off his second pass of the preseason. They're battling for the no. 3 CB spot. | Maiocco's instant replay: 49ers 29 - Broncos 24. (Maiocco)

Grant Cohn grades the team for game 3 of the preseason. David Akers was the star of the show (sound familiar?) and Coach Harbaugh gets a bit of criticism for not letting the offense go for it on 4th-and-1 in the red zone, noting that they could use the confidence. They probably don't need the disappointment either. | Preseason week 3 grades. (Cohn)

Coach Harbaugh noted that the defense has been 'struggling' a bit (well, comparatively) and said, "There hasn't been all the guys out there at one point." Not well said, but we get the point. I think they'll be ready come regular season. | Final: 49ers 29 - Broncos 24. (Inman)

As mentioned in the opening, Kyle Williams could be returning punts to start the season, depending on Ginn's ankle injury. He looked good in the game, returning 3 punts for 10 yards, and has had a good preseason and camp. | Williams could open season as 49ers PR. (Maiocco)

Matt Maiocco has some game notes here, including Leonard Davis at TE. What the .... as I mentioned, I missed the game, so this is a shock to me. If Davis can also play TE, what with Demarcus Dobbs playing some, and Alex Smith can double as a DB I think we can save some 30 roster spots. | 49ers 355-pound TE heads list of 'hard workers.' (Maiocco)

How bad is the 49ers defense struggling? What can we take from the preseason? Not much according to Matt Barrows but the gauntlet of QBs that we face this season is like a 'murderers row' and we want to be good come regular season. | Game story: Peyton Manning's back, but is the 49ers defense? (Barrows)

Peyton Manning and Alex Smith both ended up with right teams. (Kawakami)

Notes: Dixon runs hard for roster spot, Davis appears at TE. (Branch)

Kyle Williams re: returning punts in Green Bay: "Let's go." (Barrows)

Ahmad Brooks on defense: "It's been a scary start to this point." (Branch)

'Scary start' for 49ers defense against Broncos. (Maiocco)

Ted Ginn hurt? Kyle Williams won't shy from chance. (Sando)

Three things revisited: 49ers - Broncos. (Sando)

Alex Smith finally goes deep for Randy Moss; pass goes deeper. (Inman)

No need to worry about red zone woes. (SFGate)

Perrish Cox returns to Denver in style. (

Notebook: David Akers perfect in Denver. (

49ers left with case of Peyton envy. (Cohn)

Ted Ginn Jr. injures ankle. (Branch)

First quarter impressions. (SFGate)

Second quarter impressions. (SFGate)

Third quarter impressions. (SFGate)

Fourth quarter impressions. (SFGate)

First half: Alex Smith looks good, but Peyton Manning steals the show. (Barrows)

First half summary: Broncos 24 - 49ers 10. (Maiocco)

Halftime review: Broncos 24 - 49ers 10. (Inman)

VIDEO: Game highlights: 49ers at Broncos. (

VIDEO: Press Pass: Jim Harbaugh. (

VIDEO: Press Pass: Alex Smith. (

VIDEO: Cover 2: 49ers at Broncos. (

VIDEO: 49ers total access: Show #2. (

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