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49ers Injury Update: The Moderately Walking Wounded

The 49ers have done what I consider a solid job staying relatively healthy this preseason, but that's not for lack of bumps and bruises. It seems like every week two or three new players crop up on the injury list. The latest additions are Ted Ginn Jr. and Demarcus Dobbs.

Ginn departed yesterday's game with an ankle injury, so his appearance today is not surprising. He was reportedly in an orthopedic boot today after suffering the injury yesterday. I would be surprised if we saw him out there on Thursday. That gives Kyle Williams some more punt return opportunities, but also Kendall Hunter and/or LaMichael James (if he can play) some more kick return opportunities.

The reports also indicate Demarcus Dobbs was limping around on crutches with his lower left leg heavily wrapped. I don't recall seeing him leave the field with an injury. Does anybody remember seeing that during the game? Either way, this would not seem to be a good sign for his playing chances this Thursday. Dobbs is a lock to make the roster, but this opens the door for Konrad Reuland and potentially Eric Bakhtiari (if he is healthy) to show a little something at TE and OLB respectively, and stave off The Turk.