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Happy Madden Day: Release Date Brings Us One Step Closer To The Regular Season

It's a big week for football, and I don't just mean the final preseason games of the year. The latest edition of Madden hit stores early this morning, or late last night if you'd prefer that distinction! There are plenty of reviews of the game, but I wanted to point you to two in particular. First, our friend Kevin Nogle, proprietor of The Phinsider, has put together his rundown of the game. Second, The Verge (a sister site to SB Nation) has their own thorough review of the game with some great pictures.

I have yet to purchase the new Madden, but I think the time will come shortly when I need to pick it up. My new work with the rest of the NFL sites and SB Nation's fantasy content keeps me just a little bit busy, so we'll see what I can fit into my schedule. In the meantime, have you started playing yet? I remember in college getting this as soon as it came out and playing it for a solid week straight. Life was good in college.

I thought I'd also post some video SB Nation Studios put together with rookies providing a guess of what their Madden ratings should be (overall and skill specific). It's entertaining to see how much they overestimate themselves. Robert Turbin might just have stolen the show in this video.