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Did Greg Roman Let Something Slip About Anthony Dixon?

Fooch's Note: Maiocco followed up with with more of the quote, "I think we can look to 'Dix' to have his most productive season as a Niner". Matt included a quote yesterday from Trent Baalke, "'Anthony is a 49er," Baalke said Monday on 95.7 The Game. "The guy loves to be here. He works his tail end off every day. He's had a tremendous offseason and it's staring to show.'"

First off, I did not hear this myself, so if anybody else was listening to KNBR, confirmation would be welcome. Greg Roman made an appearance on KNBR this morning and Eric Branch tweeted out some content from the interview. I'll try and find an archived version of the interview when it comes available.

For now though, Roman may have had a potentially very interesting comment about running back Anthony Dixon

I have absolutely no context for this, but I do think it is worth a mention for some basic discussion purposes. It is entirely possible Roman meant that he would have his most productive season wherever he played this year, but he did not want to give that away. I don't really know, but it is something interesting on an otherwise rather quiet Tuesday.

Maybe Boobie Dixon has moved past Rock Cartwright in the battle for one of the final roster spots? If his special teams play is good enough, I suppose it would make some sense given the other veterans in place on the special teams squad. Or maybe it's just a random comment with no bearing on anything.