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Jim Harbaugh Hammering Alex Smith's Shoulder Pads In GIF Glory

There's a pretty good chance I've oversold this to myself. Since the start of last season, one of the things I've enjoyed as much as anything is seeing Jim Harbaugh give Alex Smith a slap on the helmet, pads and chest. I would imagine it is to psyche him up, but it may be something else entirely of which I am unaware. Either way, it went on all year, and it is a favorite of mine.

What I also love is the sheepish look that we sometimes see when Alex Smith is involved in such a situation. One good example is when Jim Harbaugh calls him clutch in the locker room following the win over Detroit. Alex has always seemed like a pretty low key guy, so it seems pretty opposite of what we get from Coach Harbaugh.

Recently, SB Nation brought on a guy who is helping us develop GIFs for a variety of purposes. Here at NN we'll be using more GIFs to break down game action, whether it be a key block, a great cut by a running back, or a big tackle. However, sometimes a GIF master can hook us up with something fun and entertaining. This is one such GIF.

On a related note, the man who got us this GIF is the man behind @sbnationgif. You should definitely check it out.

Jim Harbaugh and Alex Smith