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Press Pass: Jim Harbaugh and Anthony Dixon, "Working, Not Worrying"


On Tuesday, the media in Santa Clara had an opportunity to speak with Jim Harbaugh and Anthony Dixon separately. Both individuals are expected to be involved with some team decisions by the end of the week when San Francisco is forced to finalize their roster for the regular season.

With Brandon Jacobs assured a roster spot, Dixon's primary competition is with veteran Rock Cartwright, a special teams ace who signed with the 49ers this offseason. Cartwright is arguably the better special teamer and in preseason, he's looked better than Dixon in terms of being a runner.

The 49ers head coach fielded some questions about Dixon.

Harbaugh on Dixon:

I think that him working and not worrying, that we've seen him do, we've seen the evidence and how that pays off and he's doing a heck of a job...

...It's been very good, he's run with authority, he's run with a purpose, he's been very good on his assignments and it's been a good progression for him, it's been a solid training camp for Anthony...

...He's evolved, it's been a very good process for him in terms of special teams play.

Even though Harbaugh speaks highly of Dixon now, one has to wonder if it matters. Harbaugh has always spoken highly of the players he worked with that are no longer with the team, even players like Braylon Edwards who was primarily let go due to performance -- Dixon may be no different.

Continue after the jump for Dixon's comments.


We just working hard everyday. You know, coach Harbaugh always tells us to work and don't worry, so I don't worry about none of the other stuff. I just go out there, you know, put my hard hat on and go to work and let the chips fall where they may...

...I don't take it for granted, you never know what can happen. I worked all offseason for the opportunities coach gave me and I wanted to be productive and I feel like that's what I did and that's what I'm trying to continue. No matter what my assignment is each week, just to get it done, be right...

...What you put on film, that's your signature and you know, I sign my name by whatever I put on film. And that's what I think about when I go out there, I'm giving it my all and that's me.

Dixon has maintained a positive attitude through this whole thing, which isn't the easiest thing to do. He's remained upbeat and focused, acknowledging the business side but not getting hung up by it. Dixon has a lot of positive qualities, he's just struggled to be a consistent relief back.

This may have been Dixon's last chat with the 49ers media. The hope is, that if he does indeed get released at the end of the week like most expect, that he lands with a team. There are a handful of teams in the league that could use a back like Dixon, and teams are aware that San Francisco will be cutting good football players before the season gets underway. Hopefully that helps him if and when the time comes.

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