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49ers Reportedly Waive Chase Beeler, Re-Sign Matthew Masifilo

Matt Barrows is reporting the 49ers have made a roster move today, waiving center Chase Beeler and re-signing defensive lineman Matthew Masifilo. The 49ers had released Masifilo on Monday to cut down to 75 players. Earlier today he tweeted out that he was glad to be back on the team. Barrows apparently followed up on it and got the word from a league source.

I'm not really sure why the 49ers made the move, although one possible explanation is Demarcus Dobbs might not play tomorrow. Dobbs was on crutches Monday afternoon, so the team might have decided they needed an extra body to cover for Dobbs tomorrow against the Chargers. There could be other reasons as well, but that is all I can come up with off the top of my head.

Beeler seemed like a guy who would stick around, and if he clears waivers he could still sign with the 49ers practice squad on Saturday. However, if the 49ers were intending on adding Beeler to the practice squad, I have to think he would have made it through tomorrow's game against the Chargers.