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Caption This: For Old Time's Sake

Your Caption Here! Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-US PRESSWIRE
Your Caption Here! Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-US PRESSWIRE

With the first preseason game fast approaching, it seems a good time to remember how far we've come. It's always in fashion, of course, to celebrate the bounty that Harbaugh hath wrought. Indeed, we've done to death the analysis of his effect on Alex Smith and his demolition of the last of the team's losing culture. We've put tens of thousands of words behind us about how refreshing and successful his collaborative management style has proven, from the war room to the day-of playcalling. And this is good. In a perfect world, we will do the first so far beyond death it will circle back around to living several times, and we will put hundreds of thousand more words behind us about the second. That would be very nice.

But also, we will remember where we were. Remember: In 2009, this guy was running our offense. It's hard to believe that his decision making can get worse than "tuck the T-shirt into the shorts", but we all know from experience that it can. Do you remember 2009? Glen Coffee was our future. Isaac Bruce was one of our happy places. 8-8 was practically a revelation. Arnaz Battle was... still on the team. Yes, those were dark times.

So here's Jimmy Raye, ready for a captioning, in his current role as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Official Shirt Tucker. As you can see, he has a lot of work to do. But he is more than happy to do it.

Jimmy Raye: "Okay, everybody, look over there. Look. Now, that's one tucked-in shirt over there. It's all nice and in those shorts. Why can't all of your shirts be more like that? You guys make me sick to my stomach. In fact... no... wait... that's just the prunes. I'm gonna be 15. When I get back, all your shirts better be tucked in or else. Or else what? Or else we're all watching that film of the 2009 49ers again."

Have fun with this one. Head down to the comments to offer your best takes on a caption for this photo, and give a rec that make you smile. Last week, mrg80 grabbed the most recs. Will it be you this week?