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Friday Night Open Thread: 49ers Preseason Debut Sits One Week Away

The NFL gets back into the swing of things this weekend as the annual Hall of Fame Game takes place on Sunday. The Arizona Cardinals will face the New Orleans Saints in Canton, Ohio to kick off the NFL preseason. It's a game many of us will watch a few minutes of and then move on to whatever else we were doing to wrap up the weekend.

More important for 49ers fans is that one week from now, the 49ers will be making their preseason debut against the Minnesota Vikings. The 49ers struggled in their preseason opener against the New Orleans Saints last season, leaving us all wondering what to make of the upcoming season. The Saints blitzed like crazy and the 49ers quarterbacks couldn't get thing one figured out. That turned out to be a blessing in disguise as the Saints seemed to throw out everything but the kitchen sink and prepare the 49ers for their later playoff matchup.

Whether you watch the HOF game on Sunday or not, it's good to know that football is back!