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49ers Position Battle Review: The Anthony Dixon Question

In this position battle review, I want to talk briefly about how Anthony Dixon could make the 53-man roster.

Most seem to think that his versatility at fullback will be the biggest boon for the lovable man a hair style he stole from my best friend in third grade. I don't. Or, at least, I don't think that would be the primary reason. Sure, I could be a major influence, and perhaps we will see him line up at FB a ton during the season. I hope not; we already have a guy who plays the position well. I'm all about the Bruce Miller Lite Skinny Jeans. Wear those every day, baby.

No, I think that if Dixon makes the roster, it will be at the expense of Rock Cartwright. Should the coaches believe that Dixon can and will provide the same quality of special teams play as Mr. Cartwright, then it makes so much more sense to keep Dixon. I doubt that he can provide a substantial amount of offensive output, but it is almost assuredly more than Cartwright could provide. Thus, Dixon is a more valuable player.

Or so goes the logic.

In actuality, I don't think Dixon can provide so much more offensive output sitting behind the 42 other RBs we have that he would compensate for what Cartwright brings to the special teams play. I'm not saying that Dixon should be cut in favor of Cartwright because Rock is substantially more talented or better. Not at all. I am arguing that both players should probably be cut.

Good and even great ST players are a dime a dozen, precisely because of the problems we face right now. All teams have to cut the bubble guys who can provide special teams output to get to the 53 man roster. A lot of Dixons and Cartwrights will be cut soon. So, if we can augment a position of need (which RB is absolutely not) by keeping another guy on the team at the expense of Dixon and Cartwright, then we absolutely should.

Maybe Dixon and Cartwright are the most talented and athletic players on the bubble list. In that case, keep them on the team. They make the team better. I just wouldn't keep one or the other due to some hope of offensive production, and I sure wouldn't keep one because of a fear that the special teams unit will suffer.