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Preseason Finale Open Thread

The 49ers wrap up their preseason later tonight, but in the meantime there is a fairly full slate of games. The NFL had three games yesterday and will have 13 today to wrap up the preseason before roster cuts tomorrow. Tonight's schedule includes two "nationally" televised games on NFL Network. Green Bay hosts Kansas City at 4:00pm PT and Arizona hosts Denver at 8:00pm PT.

Most of this schedule will be pretty tough to watch for much of the evening. We'll get some starters for a stretch, but otherwise it's the battle for the last few spots on the roster. Always a fun time!

We'll have a game thread up for the 49ers game, but feel free to discuss the games in here. I don't expect a whole lot to come from these games, but sometimes something interesting will happening. There's bound to be a similar fourth quarter to what we saw from Scott Tolzien last year when he was still on the Chargers. Keep an eye out!