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49ers Vs. Chargers: TV Schedule Channel Change

Earlier this morning I provided a run-down fo the 49ers television, radio and online viewing options for tonight's game against the San Diego Chargers. It turns out there is a change that I had forgotten about. The Republican National Convention is going in prime time and that means the networks will all be covering it. 49ers preseason games are normally on CBS 5 in San Francisco, but tonight it is being bumped to the CW. If you are outside of the Bay Area and were going to get the game, check your local listings for coverage.

One reminder for those outside NorCal and SoCal. If you want to check out a re-broadcast of the 49ers-Chargers game, NFL Network will have it tonight at midnight PT and again on Sunday at 10pm PT. The regular season gets going next week so they would appear to be limiting the number of preseason re-broadcasts after Sunday.

We'll be back at 4pm PT with a game thread for the early games, followed by a 49ers-Chargers game thread at 6:30pm PT.