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49ers Vs. Chargers: Scott Tolzien Enters As No. 3 Quarterback

The 49ers and Chargers are getting going in the second half, and it is all about the backups. Both teams have mixed in plenty of backups, but one of the highlights of the first half for the 49ers was seeing Colin Kaepernick do some fantastic work against the Chargers ones and twos.

I can already imagine the chatter between now and Sunday the 9th, even more so if Smith has early struggles. The quarterback discussion never ends, and this adds one serious wrinkle to it. It is only preseason action, but I think most of us can't help but be impressed by what we saw. I don't think that necessarily means more playing time for Kaepernick, but it does provide a little more confidence in the 49ers backup behind Alex Smith.

The question we get to deal with in the second half is the Scott Tolzien-Josh Johnson battle. Scott Tolzien is entering the game now as the number three quarterback. It would seem like he has a leg up on Josh Johnson, but I guess we'll just have to wait until tomorrow to know for sure.