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Golden Nuggets: This Is Gonna Be A Bumpy Ride

Fooch's Note: Due to the late nature of the game, we don't have a lot of post-game links. Just some quick recap content from some of the main beat writers. Please feel encouraged to post links in the comments for folks that did not get a chance to watch the game.

Holy crap, it's been like two weeks since I last was able to do the Golden Nuggets. But ya'll don't want to hear about my internet run around, do you? The point is I'm back and I love you all. Oh and that our 49ers played yesterday and I missed it again (new place, no TV, etc etc.).

Still, I've seen a lot of positives this preseason, coupled with a somewhat alarming lack of focus from the defense, but I'm just going to give them a pass on that. Next up we've got the Green Bay Packers and, personally, I'm terrified. Not because it's the Packers or anything, just because it's a clean slate and we did so well last year. This is gonna be a bumpy ride. Note: I'm having to do the Nuggets prior to the game actually ending, and hoping that Fooch will come in and add some links as it's 12:15 here on the east coast and I need to sleep. Enjoy.

Maiocco's Instant Replay: 49ers 35, Chargers 3 (Maiocco)

Mercury News Recap (Inman)

Three Things Revisted: Chargers-49ers (Sando)

49ers K.O. Chargers Behind Maturing Kaepernick (Branch)

Harbaugh Says 49ers Could Keep Four Quarterbacks (Barrows)

Harbaugh wants to be 'razor sharp'; Anthony Dixon improving (Gin)

Projecting the 49ers' 53-man roster ... (BA Sports Guy)

Jon Gruden says Randy Moss can rediscover greatness (Brown)

49ers Late August 53-Man Roster Projection (Faaborg)

San Francisco 49ers: 20 questions as roster cuts loom (Inman)

Just how hot a commodity is Scott Tolzien? (Barrows)

Jacobs showing dramatic improvement (Maiocco)

Halftime report: 49ers 21, Chargers 0 (Inman)

Halftime: 49ers starters sit, Kaepernick shines (Barrows)

49ers' final roster may hae some bulges (Lynch)

Leonard Davis: Rocking and Blocking (49ers)

Madden NFL 13 Full Review: Physics = Must Buy? (Brady)

Being a Sheep

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