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NFL Roster Cuts Open Thread

The San Francisco 49ers will likely be one of the later teams to release the names of their roster cuts, but plenty of other teams have already begun releasing players. The New England Patriots had one of the more notable when they released fourth year QB Brian Hoyer. Most expect someone like the Cardinals to jump on him.

We've got plenty of other content about the 49ers, but if you want to discuss the general roster cuts across the league, I thought this open thread would be of value. You can track the roster cuts over at SB Nation NFL. That story stream will continually update. When there is a new update, you'll see a green mention at the top prompting you to refresh the page.

It is a fairly busy day with roster cuts, but also with so little time to provide a whole lot of final breakdown before the 49ers announce their roster cuts. We've had a lot of content this morning and will have more leading up to roster cuts, so I'm adding some new links within posts.

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This links back to some of our pertinent content from this morning, which will hopefully make it a little easier to navigate around the site for now. Some changes are coming that will make things even easier, but for now, hopefully this helps. If you have any suggestions for better linking and whatnot, let me know in the comments.

In the meantime, make sure and check out the roster cuts tracker. The 49ers could conceivably find some bodies to bring in off waivers, but given the team's depth, it seems like any attempt to improve would be more likely to come via trade. I am not expecting that, but the 49ers do have assets in terms of talent on the roster and a boatload of 2013 draft picks. Do you see any moves happening beyond the cuts?