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49ers Training Camp Press Conferences: Vic Fangio, Tarell Brown, Mario Manningham

The 49ers will conduct their last chunk of press conferences for this "session" of days at 11:30am PT. The 49ers release their press conference schedule four days at a time, and this wraps up this week. The first two pressers will feature defensive coordinator Vic Fangio and cornerback Tarell Brown. I would imagine they will get questions about the defense's dominance in practice the last few days. Brown may also get a chance to talk about the development of some of the younger cornerbacks, particularly since he would seem to be competing against some of them.

The third press conference is potentially the most interesting, as wide receiver Mario Manningham will chat with the press. He has been relatively quiet this offseason, and there have been limited comments about his performance in OTAs and camp. It sounded like he was a little banged up this past week, but practice reports indicate he was practicing like normal the last couple days. At this point, Manningham would seem to be slotted into the third wide receiver spot on the roster, but without hearing much more, who knows what is going on for now.

As usual, I have embedded a live stream after the jump. If you have trouble with that, check out the live stream.

49ers Press Conferences