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NN Fantasy Football Leagues: Tomorrow Will Be Sign-Up Day

After a lot of chatter, I'm glad to say we're finally ready to get the Niners Nation fantasy football leagues going. This is going to be a first come, first serve process, so this post is basically the "Take Your Mark" moment. I'll be posting league info for the first NN league at 10:30am PT tomorrow (Monday, August 6). The first 11 people to join me will be in. Once that league fills up, I'll post details on four other leagues that are being created by designated commissioners.

Once those five leagues fil up, we'll open the gates for people to start creating their own leagues. My thought is that, someone can create a league and post details in the comments. This will allow people to post IDP leagues, or other rule quirks. Additionally, if someone wants to create a unique type of league, they can post a comment and see who would be interested. It will be a little haphazard at time, but this will allow people to get creative with their leagues, if they so choose.

Speaking of which, if you want to discuss unique types of leagues, feel free to start in here. I know there has been mention of a potentially all-European commenters league. I'd be happy to help organize it for those interested.

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