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Tarell Brown Joins Discussion About How Randy Moss Improves The 49ers Secondary

49ers cornerback Tarell Brown chatted with the media yesterday (video embedded after the jump) and he joined the other defensive players in talking about the value of facing off against a guy like Randy Moss in practice. From all the reports and occasional pictures and video, Moss has been having a strong training camp, winning a lot of battles against the 49ers secondary.

The 49ers defense has otherwise done a strong job against the offense in the recent red zone drills, and it sounds like Justin Smith has been leading the way. It has me wondering the value each unit is getting in playing against the kind of talent on the other side of the ball. Whether it be Randy Moss forcing the defensive backs all over the field, or the offense having to figure out the dominant defense, there has to be something to be gained.

Of course, if the other unit is not showing improvement, it may take some time to figure out exactly what is being gained.

Tarell Brown Press Conference