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Michael Crabtree Returns To 49ers Practice

After ten days, 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree is back at practice. Crabtree began this morning's practice session with the team's strength and conditioning coach, but he has since gotten onto the practice field and into wide receiver drills. I've posted links to the beat writers as they are all covering this story that I suppose can be described as "developing."

Crabtree suffered a lower leg injury on the first Friday of training camp, with speculation centering on a potential calf strain. I was poking around shortly after the injury, and some basic info (via, so take it however you want) indicated the mildest calf strain, grade I, can require seven to ten days to heal. If that was in fact the injury with which he was dealing, this falls right into that timeline.

Crabtree had what appeared to be a strong offseason leading up to training camp, with Alex Smith and Jim Harbaugh both noting how much work he got in prior to camp. While missing any time is always a downer, ideally the significant workload in the spring and summer will minimize whatever this recent injury absence. And while preseason games only have so much value, it would be nice to see what the offense looks like with everybody involved. It will still be pretty vanilla, but consider me starved to see Crabtree, Moss, Davis and others out there mixing it up.