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Golden Nuggets: Of DirecTV, Jerseys And Sweet, Sweet Coach's Film

Hey guys, we're just a couple days away from actual 49ers football, are you excited? I know ... that's a stupid question, right? I've got DirecTV coming in soon so I can actually watch the games since the NFL and cable/satellite companies enjoy stifling innovation. I'm also getting NFL Rewind for some of that delicious Coach's Film they've got going on. Lastly, I'm going to get me a new jersey and I'll be ready. I just don't know where to get it (no way in hell I'm paying $150 for a jersey - sorry) for now. Also, I'll refer you to this comment I made in the fantasy post yesterday to try and drum up interest for my special pick 'em leagues I'll be running. Check it out and let me know there, or here, whether you're interested. I won't do it if there's only a couple people interested. Anyway - on to the linkage for the day. Enjoy.

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Kaepernick enters exhibition opener same way he started camp (Maiocco)

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Jim Harbaugh Statement to Reid Family (

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