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Michael Crabtree Returns To Team Drills, Thinks He Can Play Friday

Yesterday following practice, 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree took some time to chat with the assembled media. This is the first time he has addressed the local media since the end of last season, and there was plenty to learn. Our good friend Steve Berman (a.k.a Bay Area Sports Guy), was able to get video of part of the interview. I've embedded that at the end of the post.

Crabtree was asked about his injury, and he did confirm it was a calf injury, indicating it was just a lock in the calf muscle. He was asked about whether he would play Friday night, and he thinks he should:

"Friday night? Yeah I should. I don't think the ones (starters) are going that much Friday. Whatever time they give me, I'll just go out there."

Crabtree was able to take part in the various 7-on-7 and 11-on-11 team drills for the first time since injuring his calf. He was back in some individual drills two days ago, but not the team work.

The 49ers will likely only give their starters two or three series on Friday, beginning the process of building to the third preseason game. Nonetheless, it will be fun seeing the 49ers offense in action for the first time since a busy offseason of additions.