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A.J. Jenkins Reportedly Getting Plenty Of Work

Although the 49ers are getting ready for an opponent this Friday, their game-planning and practice is more about getting ready for the regular season as it is for preparing for any preseason opponents tendencies. One player that appears to be getting all sorts of practice time is rookie wide receiver A.J. Jenkins.

In his practice report for yesterday, Matt Barrows pointed out that it is possible Jenkins has gotten more work than any other wideout. This comes on the heels of what Barrows and Christian Gin described as possibly Jenkins best practice of training camp. According to Barrows, he caught a pair of passes from Josh Johnson during the final two-minute drill, with another nice catch coming on a pass from Tolzien that was over the middle and high and required him to twist his body.

At this point, it seems logical to expect him to get a whole lot of playing time on Friday. I don't how much time, if any, Moss will get, but I would imagine he and Crabtree would get the start, with Mario Manningham working in there as well. Kyle Williams and Ted Ginn would likely come in late first quarter, early second quarter. Amidst all this, I suspect A.J. Jenkins finds his way on the field quite a bit. I don't think he'll necessarily be in there late in the fourth quarter, but I have to think he gets at least two solid quarters of play.