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49ers Training Camp Press Conference Live Stream: Vic Fangio, Aldon Smith, Ahmad Brooks

The 49ers defense will be getting the spotlight today as the 49ers meet with the media a couple days before their first preseason game. When I see the 49ers presenting Vic Fangio and two defensive players, I find myself picturing Coach Fangio walking to the media tent with a player on each side and something along the lines of the Imperial March song playing. I've always enjoyed Coach Fangio's press conferences, but the name and the look is intimidating in a certain context.

Aldon Smith and Ahmad Brooks will join Coach Fangio today. I almost feel like Smith and Brooks should be answering questions together given their starting roles opposite each other in the front seven. The coaches have been positive about Aldon Smith's transition to every down linebacker, but we'll get a better idea of things starting Friday when the game action begins. I'm optimistic about Smith making the transition thanks to his crazy athleticism, but there are a lot of intricacies he'll need to be able to handle.

I've embedded the CSN live stream after the jump. If that doesn't work, check out the live stream.

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