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Golden Nuggets: Kyle Williams Ejected From Practice, More on Crabtree

Hey everyone! How's everything going? Here in Melbourne, it is freezing....OK...not Minnesota freezing but Australia freezing, which just means a bit cold and windy. But, that being said, our houses here are made to keep heat out, so it's cold! As for the Nuggets, there was a bit of a problem yesterday with some computer glitches and so mine was deleted and then Fooch slapped one together quickly. Apologies to anyone who had to wait.

There was quite a good discussion in the comments section in regards to Michael Crabtree. You can go to yesterday's Nuggets to rehash it all if you like. And 10forTech brought up some really good points. I felt that Matt Maiocco's article was accurate in that Michael Crabtree is seen as a diva (wether it's pre or post-holdout, is definitely up for debate) and has done nothing to change that image. Other than that I applaud Tech's tenacity and he did his homework. But Crabtree did slide (I, for one, was happy to get him) and he held out for top 5 money and has not even played first round caliber football. A top 10 WR who's career highs for yds and tds is 874 and 6 has to be considered disappointing if not the B-word. That can be chalked up to a lot of reasons....we were quite bad in his first two seasons and there's been no offensive continuity until this season. Both of those factors have changed and he's got to step it up, for both this season and the future. A.J. Jenkins has been drafted to be the guy we thought we had in Crabtree. It's a big season for him. I hope he comes through. What are peoples thoughts on him? What are we expecting from him? Is it make or break?

And to the links...

So apparently Kyle Williams has a hot head. He started a fight with rookie CB Deante' Purvis after having, what Inman referred to as a bad day. He dropped some passes and looked a bit off before being sent from the field for the altercation. | Practice review, Day 11: Williams banished for fighting rookie CB Purvis. (Inman)

Matt Maiocco noted that Randy Moss caught a beautiful TD from Colin Kaepernick on a fade route. The fade route is all I want from Randy. That's why we signed him. Also of note is that Demarcus Dobbs has changed his number to 40 so that he doesn't have to report every play that he comes in on TE. It appears that, not only is he making the team, but he's playing some offense. | Camp Summary 8/8. (Maiocco)

The 49ers look remarkably healthy going into the preseason opener. LaMichael James is back from the stomach bug that sidelined him earlier in the week. Jason Slowey and Curtis Holcomb, who both missed practice recently, were also back. | Day 11 recap: Harbaugh not happy with Williams. (Barrows)

Remember Mike Singletary? Be many of you were excited when the interim tag was removed from his title? Kevin Lynch of SF Gate has a nice article detailing the positives of the Mike Singletary era. Why would anyone do that? Is he coming around? I should really clean up. | What Mike Singletary contributed to the 49ers. (SF Gate)

Training camp report: Wednesday - the good - Delanie Walker and Kendall Hunter. (Cohn)

Training camp report: Wednesday - the not-so-good - Harbaugh ejects Williams.

49ers training camp notes: Day 11. (Gin)

Training camp report: Aug 8. (

Aldon Smith being professional, Aldon Smith ready to take the next step. (Gin)

A novice's guide to covering 49ers training camp. (BASG)

NFC West update: Checking up on Adam Snyder and the Cardinals. (BASG)

Setting expectations for Isaiah Pead, and LaMichael James. (Sando)

49ers depth chart breakdown - defense. (CBS Sports)

S Cory Nelms excused to watch girlfriend run in the Olympics. (CBS Sports)

Niners want Brandon Jacobs to run like a big back. (NBC Sports)

49ers send 'playbook' to season ticket holders. (Maiocco)

Defensive power rankings - Texans, Niners elite. (

Q&A with 49ers Frank Gore. (CSN Bay Area)

Financially and physically, Ahmad Brooks in great shape. (Branch)

49ers have tough decisions on the defensive line. (Barrows)

Vic Fangio says he's anxious for Friday's preseason opener. (Cohn)

Aldon Smith sets sack goal. (

Defense competes: Left side vs strong side. (

A.J. Jenkins gains confidence and speed as camp continues. (Maiocco)

Aldon Smith says he expects more double teams this season. (Cohn)

49ers pass rush sparks friendly rivalry. (Inman)

Famous fumblers reach out to Kyle Williams. (Branch)

VIDEO: Press Pass: Aldon Smith. (

VIDEO: Press Pass: Vic Fangio. (

VIDEO: Press Pass: Ahmad Brooks. (

VIDEO: Left side vs right side. (

I'm interested in hearing people's thought on Michael Crabtree. I've got no one to talk to here in Australia, so I can be a bit out of the loop. I assumed most people shared my view of him as being on the verge of the bust label. A Google search of Michael Crabtree and then a space (the most obvious, number one way of getting public opinion) comes up with the word bust. What do we think?

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