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Is ESPN Officially Trolling The Public With Their Jets Coverage?

Over the course of the last few weeks I have managed to not watch ESPN at all. At work we have the Olympics on, and at home I don't have cable yet (just moved into a new place). At this point in my life, I watch ESPN for live coverage of events, and when I do have cable, occasionally for some early morning Sportscenter when I get up. However, in recent years, channels like MLB Network and NFL Network (and NBA TV and NHL Network for those with interests in those sports) provide me with the chance to see the nitty gritty on the sports I like.

For those who spend most of your time on those networks instead of ESPN, it sounds like you've missed out on the hell that is ESPN's Jets coverage. As I understand it, ESPN has been showing fairly round the clock Jets coverage. This is not surprising, given how ESPN enjoys pushing out stuff people hate, most notably Skip Bayless and First Take. I suppose if people are watching, that is all that matters, but it is still frustrating.

ESPN may have finally reached rock bottom. After the jump, I've posted a screen shot courtesy of Sports Grid, in which ESPN discusses the Jets movie options this past Tuesday night. Seriously?