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Terrell Owens Practices: Did Seahawks Cheat?

Fooch's Update: Seahawks admitted to violating CBA with TO practicing.

This is a bit of a non-story, but it involves two teams I really don't like in a bit of a crying contest. Terrell Owens signed with the Seahawks on Tuesday and apparently was practicing Wednesday and today. A Dallas Cowboys beat writer seem to have some questions about whether that should be allowed.

The NFL has a three-day period between signing and practicing. According to NFL spokesman Greg Aiello, the first day with a new team is allowed to have a physical and meetings. Day two allows for participation in practice, but only in helmets and shells, or a padded shirt. It sounds like TO might have been padded up in his practices.

The best part of that article is this:

It had nothing to do with Owens joining the Seahawks but rather the requisite three-day waiting period that the Cowboys have observed after signing players to the roster, supposedly per NFL rules.

It is entirely possible the Seahawks have broken the rules, and that will invite plenty more ridicule upon Pete Carroll. However, I find myself snickering over the comments of the Cowboys beat writer. It's not much, but it reads a bit whiny. I suppose most teams do it, but for now, it's a good enough reason as any for me to laugh at the Cowboys.