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49ers Practice Squad: Who's It Gonna Be?

The San Francisco 49ers set their 53-man roster last night, and while they could still make some waiver moves today and in the coming days, most of the 53-man roster is what we will see a week from tomorrow in Green Bay. Most importantly, the starting lineup is set and beginning the process of learning and implementing the specific game-plan for next week.

However, there are eight players not currently on the 49ers roster that will end up on the eight-man practice squad. I broke down the practice squad rules and eligible players last night, and we should start to see the squad materialize later this morning. The 49ers do not have to fill it out completely today, and in years past have often taken a couple days to fill it out.

The reports that leaked out yesterday indicated guys like Michael Thomas, Al Netter and Michael Wilhoite were all told the team would like to sign them to the practice squad if they were not claimed on waivers. There is a chance Nathan Palmer may be joining that crew based on his tweet late last night.

The 49ers held on to Palmer and Chris Owusu through the first cuts earlier this week, while releasing Brian Tyms. It seemed at times like the team was preferring to showcase Palmer over Owusu, potentially hiding Owusu. That may not in fact be the case. We'll find out more in a bit, but I'll continue to post any rumors that percolate.