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49ers Monday Press Conference Live Stream: Jim Harbaugh

And we're back for our first Monday day after press conference. Every week following the 49ers game, head coach Jim Harbaugh conducts a morning afternoon press conference. It gives him a chance to provide injury updates (or at least tell us who is "working through something") and answer or at least respond to media questions. This follows his normal post-game press conference. If you missed yesterday's press conference, check it out at CSN Bay Area.

The team appeared to have a limited injury report following yesterday's win, so this should get right into a discussion (productive or not being the question) of the team's performance and a look ahead to next Sunday's matchup with the Detroit Lions. How quickly do we get a Jim Schwartz question from the media? Given the big win to start the season, I am curious if we'll get some national media in attendance at these press conferences sooner rather than later, particularly if this keeps up. Given that they have not interacted with Coach Harbaugh like local media, it could make for fun times at the press conferences.

I've embedded the live stream after the jump. If you have any problems, check out the live stream. We should have a transcript of these press conferences posted tonight or tomorrow morning.

49ers Press Conferences