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49ers Vs. Lions: Odds: SF Opens As Touchdown Favorite

We'll have plenty of coverage from 49ers vs. Packers as the week moves along, but I thought it was worth noting that the line has opened for 49ers vs. Lions on Sunday Night Football for Week 2. The 49ers opened as a touchdown favorite over the Lions.

The line appears to be slipping to 6.5 in some places, but I probably should not be surprised at the general size of the spread. The seven figure jumped out at me, but given the team's performance in Green Bay combined with Detroit's performance against St. Louis, and now having the game in San Francisco? A touchdown isn't that shocking a spread. While I always consider let-down concerns in situations like this, I'd like to think the 49ers can take care of business and cover this spread. Of course, I like it more at -6.5 rather than -7.

It's still early in the week, but how do you see the team looking this coming weekend? Slim win, slim cover, easy cover, ignominious defeat?