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Monday Night Football Open Thread

The annual Monday Night Football double-header to open the season is officially underway. I would have had this thread earlier, but I thought the game started at 4:30 PT, not 4:00. My west coast sensibilities are still screwed up on the east coast.

The opener features the Baltimore Ravens hosting the Cincinnati Bengals. I am actually kind of high on the Ravens offense this year as they are reportedly going to more of a no-huddle attack. Will see if it helps Joe Flacco get his act together. The Bengals will be looking to avoid sophomore slumps from Andy Dalton and AJ Green.

The latter game tonight features the Oakland Raiders hosting the San Diego Chargers. I think the Raiders can win this one, although I wouldn't be surprised to see Philip Rivers roll out a huge night against the Raiders questionable secondary. I think this game will be a bit more fun than the earlier game. Although I doubt I last till halftime given the late east coast start time. I'm weak like that.