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Aaron Rodgers Will Wear Alex Smith Jersey....Just Not Yet

Somehow I ended up on TMZ's email list for sports related content, and it is paying off with random things like this. A couple days ago I posted about TMZ's report that Aaron Rodgers had agreed to a bet with Boyz II Men in advance of Sunday's game (where B2M was performing the National Anthem). If the Packers won the game, Nathan Morris would wear a Packers jersey. If the 49ers won, Rodgers agreed to wear an Alex Smith jersey.

In light of the Packers loss, we have an update courtesy of TMZ. They are reporting that Rodgers will tweet out a picture while he is wearing an Alex Smith 49ers jersey from @aaronrodgers12. However, Boyz II Men has agreed to give Rodgers a little bit of time to get the picture done.

There is no word when the picture will be tweeted out, but I promise to keep a close eye out for the prized picture. It should be a good one.