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Golden Nuggets: Nothing Finer ...

A weird thing happened to me yesterday ... I coughed, sneezed and hiccuped at the same time. But I suppose you'd rather hear about the weird thing that happened to me which also pertained to our San Francisco 49ers, right? Well, that weird thing was that I wasn't nervous prior to kickoff yesterday. All last season and the countless seasons before that, I held my nervous edge prior to kickoff and carried it until the final minutes.

And when the clock was winding down and the Packers were battling back, I honestly wasn't afraid in the slightest. I did my whole "I'm having a heart attack," routine, but in-all, I knew the 49ers were going to win the game coming into it and for every second during. It wasn't necessarily courage brought on by thinking we're the better team it was just ... a feeling. It's been so long since a 49ers team has actually been able to give that feeling. Great timing too, considering the Sharks are all tapped out on those kinds of games, it seems. Onto your links for the day!

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