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NFL Power Rankings, Week 2: 49ers Climbing Quickly

Monday Night Football wrapped up Week 1, which means it is time for weekly NFL Power Rankings. Wes Hanson will be providing his own power rankings tomorrow, but in the meantime I thought I'd take a look at some of the power rankings from around the Internet to see how the 49ers are viewed following their big win over the Packers.

I was expecting them to rise, but given how some other teams performed on Sunday and Monday, I am not surprised to see them not quite at the top. They had the biggest road win of the day, but arguments can be made for the strength of teams like the Baltimore Ravens and New England Patriots. After the jump, I've posted three sets of rankings from SB Nation NFL, CBS Sports and Fox Sports. I've included the rankings down to the 49ers.

SB Nation NFL

1. Baltimore Ravens
2. New England Patriots
3. San Francisco 49ers

CBS Sports

1. New England Patriots
2. Houston Texans
3. Atlanta Falcons
4. San Francisco 49ers

FOX Sports

1. New England Patriots
2. San Francisco 49ers

SB Nation Bay Area

1. San Francisco 49ers

SB Nation Philly

1. San Francisco 49ers


1. New England Patriots
2. San Francisco 49ers

1. San Francisco 49ers

I am a bit surprised more people do not have the Baltimore Ravens ranked ahead of the 49ers. Given that offensive explosion, combined with their defensive respect, they seem like the kind of team that would project up a bit higher.

Either way, as James said over at SB Nation Bay Area said in his power rankings, after last night we could potentially be looking at a Harbaugh Super Bowl. There is a long way to go for both teams, but so far so good. And considering the amount of publicity over four days leading up to the Harbowl on Thanksgiving, imagine what could come out of two weeks of publicity for the Super Bowl?

Below, we've got a video of Amy K. Nelson running through the talking points of SB Nation's power rankings.