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Kurt Warner's Top Five Quarterbacks Ranking

Over at, Kurt Warner put together a weekly Top Five quarterbacks each week last season. He is back at in 2012 and has his top five quarterbacks after Week 1. Given that we are only one week in, the list will obviously change, but it is still a conversation starter as is:

1. Peyton Manning
2. Matt Ryan
3. Tony Romo
4. Alex Smith
5. Robert Griffin III

We had a QB conversation earlier today, so maybe this is only further kicking the hornet's nest, but I wanted to get people's thoughts about Week 1 QB performances. In looking at Warner's list, Manning seems as much a courtesy ranking as anything else. He did a very solid job against a solid Steelers defense. I can give him that. However, I think there were plenty of other solid performances that were more deserving of the top ranking.

In looking at his top five, I would have had Tony Romo above Matt Ryan and Peyton Manning. While Romo wasn't perfect, he went on the road and faced a solid Giants defense. Ryan went on the road but faced a Chiefs secondary that was missing Brandon Flowers. Manning beat a solid Steelers squad, but it was at home and I just think Romo did more.

The guy that I really enjoyed in Week 1 was Joe Flacco. I have been pushing like crazy on him over at SB Nation Fantasy. It has only been one week, but the decision to go with more no-huddle and really crank things up paid huge dividends last night. And while Cincinnati's defense isn't near the Ravens defense, it is no slouch of a unit. I expect big numbers all year from Flacco, and I think we'll see him in Warner's top five before too long.

RG3 is naturally going to get a lot of love after his dynamic performance against the Saints. It was an undoubtedly impressive performance, but I do find myself wondering how he will perform week-to-week. I suppose we could see a burgeoning superstar. Living in DC is a pain for getting 49ers games, but I will get to watch a lot of RG3 this year when I'm not on the Red Zone channel.

Other than that, what are your thoughts on QB performances in Week 1?