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49ers Vs. Packers: Kyle Williams Was Strong Returning Punts

One of the storylines that ended up fairly under the radar in the FOX broadcast was the return of Kyle Williams as the 49ers punt returner. Given that the Joe Buck crew handled the NFC Championship Game, I'm a little surprised we did not hear more about it.

Kyle Williams ended up handling five punts and the good news is he was perfectly solid with them. He had four fair catches and and one return. The return proved pivotal as he gained 20 yards right before the end of the second quarter, setting up the Colin Kaepernick run and eventual David Akers field goal.

Eventually this will hopefully be a topic we no longer discuss, but one game in makes it relatively pertinent in my mind.. It might take a few games and several returns, but for now it is good to see Kyle Williams showing some solid skills as the return man. He only had one return, so more opportunities will hopefully tell us a little bit more.

The 49ers return to practice today, which means we will get the first practice participation report of the week. Ted Ginn Jr. sat out practice all last week and was inactive on Sunday. Today's participation report should go a long way towards letting us know where Ginn is at in his recovery from his ankle injury.