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Revisiting 49ers Inactives Predictions

A week ago, Tre put together a prediction of the potential inactive list for Sunday's Week 1 contest. Tre initially projected the following seven:

1. Joe Looney
2. Garrett Celek
3. Brandon Jacobs
4. LaMichael James
5. Ian Williams
6. AJ Jenkins
7. Darcel McBath

Shortly after this post, news came out that Ted Ginn Jr. missed practice and was likely going to be questionable. After that was clarified, Tre said he would likely activate LaMichael James as the backup to Kyle Williams.

The 49ers ended up with the following inactives:

1. Garrett Celek
2. Ted Ginn Jr.
3. Brandon Jacobs
4. LaMichael James
5. Joe Looney
6. Scott Tolzien
7. Ian Williams

The 49ers got playing time for most of their active players, but A.J. Jenkins and Clark Haggans saw zero snaps in any of the three phases of the game. The team obviously turned out fine with that, but it will be interesting to see how the playing time develops for Jenkins and Haggans moving forward.

For Haggans, I think this was mainly a product of the team going with mostly nickel and dime packages. I think he operates mostly as an emergency linebacker at this point. If that is the case I would imagine he sticks around the entire season, but hopefully sees little playing time.

For Jenkins, I really have no idea how the 49ers plan on working him into the game-plan, if at all. I would like to think there is some way to use him, but it seems fairly unpredictable at this point. The same would also seem to hold true with regards to LaMichael James. Both have been playing every week throughout college, and now have to get used to being back at the bottom of the totem pole.

How long until we see some active participation from the likes of A.J. Jenkins and LaMichael James?