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49ers Vs. Lions Injury Report: Calvin Johnson Sits Out Wednesday Practice

The Detroit Lions submitted their injury report for the day, while the 49ers are still wrapping up their practice. The 49ers remain relatively healthy, but it sounds like Brandon Jacobs and Ted Ginn Jr. are still inactive at practice. We will want to wait and see how tomorrow and Friday's practices go, but this is not a good sign for either of them heading into this weekend.

The 49ers were fine without Jacobs, as their rushing attack had little trouble with the Packers. It is entirely possible they are comfortable with Frank Gore and Kendall Hunter handling everything. Anthony Dixon was active but had no carries, while LaMichael James was on the inactive list.

And as we previously discussed, Kyle Williams had a solid enough performance handling punts that the team is likely fine sending him back again. The wind at Candlestick would likely be a bit more of a test compared to Lambeau Field, but we'll see.

On the Detroit side, wide receiver Calvin Johnson sat out practice with a foot issue. Head coach Jim Schwartz would not address the details, so we are left to speculate. I would be surprised if he was not playing on Sunday, but we'll see how the injury reports develop. While Megatron broke 100 yards receiving last year, the 49ers did a relatively good job containing him in terms of keeping him outside of the end zone.

More pertinent injuries are to potential starting corners Bill Bentley and Chris Houston. Bentley sat out practice after being diagnosed with a concussion. Houston was limited in practice with an ankle issue. This practice session was Houston's first since suffering the ankle injury in the Lions third preseason game. If he is able to go, it will be interesting to see how much the 49ers attack him in the passing game to test that ankle.