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Golden Nuggets: NaVorro Bowman Limited in Practice, Lions' Calvin Johnson Misses Practice

Good morning. How's everyone so far? A lot of links and a lot of reviews. This is how I like to do it when I have the time. It's hard to make time in this busy, busy world, isn't it? Did any of you hear that the 49ers and Alex Smith are getting close to breaking records for turnover-free play? We've gone 6 regular season games without a turnover. The playoffs, of course, are not factored into this, because we ... well, um....had some bad turnovers. Yeah.

There's also some key injury news. Brandon Jacobs and Ted Ginn Jr. are still out of practice. I think we're OK if both players miss the game. Kyle Williams looked fine in the game against Green Bay, and while Jacobs big body could come in handy in the battle that will take place for running yardage against the Lions and Ndamukong Suh, I think the other RBs can pick up the slack. It's the other injuries that are concerning me. NaVorro Bowman was limited in practice and Andy Lee's name is surfacing on injury reports. He hurt a finger when he whiffed on a tackle during the Packers non-return for a TD. If he can't catch the ball properly, it could spell turnovers in the punting game and a big concern on FGs, as he's our place holder.

Both Brandon Jacobs and Ted Ginn Jr. missed practice on Wednesday, still sidelined with injuries from the preseason. NaVorro Bowman was limited. On the Lions side of the ball, Calvin Johnson missed practice. The Lions don't stand a chance if Johnson doesn't suit up. | Injury report: Brandon Jacobs, Ted Ginn Jr. remain sidelined Wednesday. (Bay Area SB Nation)

49ers near record for mistake-free play. (Branch)


One of the main factors in our defeat of the Packers was rendering them completely one-dimensional by negating the run. The Lions would be much better off if they can establish some sort of running attack. Can they? Tre Faaborg takes a closer look. | Can Detroit establish the run vs 49ers? (Faaborg) any of you guys want to hear something obvious? Yes? Great! Both the Lions and 49ers are strongly concerned about winning the turnover battle this weekend. Now that I'm done being a smart-ass... We tied a record for fewest turnovers in a season last year and worked out well. There's other assorted notes here from Kyle Bonagura at CBS Sports. | Niners, Lions stressing turnover margin. (CBS Sports)

CBS Sports is putting together a good page. I love that they include opponents 'notebooks' and thoughts. The Lions are fully aware that they have to establish the run to beat us this weekend in San Francisco. There are assorted Lions notes included. | Lions notebook: Winning rushing battle key to beating 49ers. (CBS Sports)

How long has it been since the 49ers turned the ball over in the regular season? Six games and counting. Coach Schwartz credits Alex Smith for this streak. One key note is that the Lions lost the turnover battle against the Rams 3-0 and still went on to win. | Schwartz credits Smith for turnover-less streak. (Branch)

49ers go into Green Bay and handle the Packers with ease. Lions struggle at home to defeat the Rams. What would you put the line at? The only thing that stops me from thinking it should be higher is our penchant for field goals and close games. Good thing I'm not a bettor. | Bettin lines: San Francisco favored by a touchdown. (Bay Area SB Nation)

Feuds for thought as 49ers, Lions set for rematch. (Maiocco)

Foot injury keeps Calvin Johnson out of practice. (Inman)

Lions' Schwartz says the only to move on from 'handshake-gate' is to, well, move on. (Inman)

49ers have a coach, not Mr Manners. (SFGate)

Tarell Brown "geeked up" for next challenge: Megatron. (Branch)

Lions - 49ers matchups: Part 1. (Cohn)

Lions - 49ers preview. (Yahoo!)

NaVorro Bowman, Andy Lee on 49ers injury report. (Barrows)

49er secondary faces another tall order. (Branch)

WEEK 1: 49ERS 30, PACKERS 22

Bucky Brooks breaks down why the 49ers are so great. Well, he doesn't use those words, I do. But if you read between the lines... In this piece he uses stills from the game to illustrate why we're great. A nice piece from an impartial observer telling us what we already know. | 49ers offensive creativity cannot be overlooked. (

I thought it took an act of congress to declare war. I guess it's different in football. Either way, it's nice to see the national sports press is aware that the rest of the league has been but on notice. No flukes here. Strong play on all fronts of the game in Green Bay showed that. | 49ers declare war on the NFC. (Yahoo!)

Matt Barrows discusses how much Perrish Cox played in game 1. It was more than Barrows or Cox imagined. That's the 'problem' we're going to face when we lead games from the beginning to the end. | Perrish the thought: Outlook for the 49ers' dime defense. (Barrows)

Aaron Rodgers says officials for 49ers - Packers "deserved scrutiny". (ProFootballTalk)

If I have to describe this one to you, you need to get an imagination. | David Akers discusses historic FG. (


FInally, a power rankings that gets it right! One guess who's number one in this number. | NFL Power Rankings: Jim Harbaugh fond of shooting down media's questions. (Yahoo!) has done something I've long wanted. They've given us a list of where the Niners fall in various power rankings around the web along with the respective author's comments on the team. I'm happy with 2nd, which is where we seem to land the most. Only two teams I'll accept as being no. 1 over us are the Ravens and Patriots, based on strong week 1 play and a history of great play. | 49ers looking out for no. 1. (

NFL Power Rankings week 2. (


BASG takes a look at why the 49ers are experts at winning the turnover differential. Hard work, of course. pays off. Do you remember the hands drills the LBs did at the end of a practice during training camp? I had forgotten, but we've got some pics here to remind us. Do you think it played any part in NaVorro Bowman's critical INT of Aaron Rodgers? That's a pass that defenders have a tendency to drop. | 49ers turnover margin mastery no accident. (BASG)

Ah...this is exactly what I had hoped would happen. Vernon Davis is happy to have so many more threats in the passing game because it opens up the middle of the field for him. On his 29-yard reception Randy Moss ran a post taking the safety deep, leaving Davis in a great spot to make a big play. | Receiver open space for Vernon Davis. (Branch)

Well, the good thing about having such a stacked roster is that the incoming draft class doesn't get the same pressure to have an immediate impact that some of the other guys might feel. That being said, it is a bit disconcerting to note that sixth-round pick S Trenton Robinson was the only draftee to step on the field. We won. That's what matters. Let time judge the draft class, not me. | 49ers draft class not paying immediate dividends. (Branch)

NFC West: Injury situations that matter. (Sando)

Inside slant: Alex Smith's MVP resume. (Sando)

Michael Crabtree, starting WR and budding journalist? (BASG)

49ers, Raiders among players in support of gay rights. (Bay Ares SB Nation)

Bowman describes Takeaway Thursdays, and more. (Cohn)

Alex Smith on the Lions: "The D Line is definitely a strength of theirs. I mean, just look at them." (Cohn)

Tarell Brown on covering Calvin Johnson: "If you jump off the ground quicker than he gets up, you'll be OK." (Cohn)

Stafford on last year's game against the 49ers: "There were some instances were we kind of beat ourselves." (Cohn)

Kyle Williams starts, builds confidence. (

Coach's Notebook: September 12. (

49ers maintain ball security emphasis. (

49ers work at ball-hawking ways. (


Press Pass: Alex Smith. (

Press Pass: NaVorro Bowman. (

Press Pass: Jim Harbaugh. (

Press Pass: Terell Brown. (

Matt & Mindi: Containing Megatron. (CSN Bay Area)

Are the Lions equipped to beat the 49ers? (

The Remix: 49ers vs Packers. (

Conference call: Lions QB Matthew Stafford. (

Conference call: Lions HC Jim Schwartz. (

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