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Vernon Davis Providing $10 Credit With GoPago For Bay Area Restaurants


As Vernon Davis has established himself as more and more of a "big name" in the NFL, he has been able to get involved in a variety of sponsorship partnerships. His latest partnership will benefit Bay Area fans who enjoy the numerous culinary options San Francisco has to offer. I will say that the thing I miss most about San Francisco since leaving (well, aside from friends of course), is the food options. DC has some great food, but I don't think it matches San Francisco.

I've posted the press release after the jump, but basically, if you like Vernon's Facebook page or follow him on Twitter, he will be posting a discount code you can use for a $10 credit on the GoPago mobile app. The app is available for use at apparently over 100 Bay Area restaurants. You can go over to their website to see how the app works.

Given how we often hear stories of NFL players ending up running through their money and being broke not too long after their playing career ends, kudos to Vernon Davis for taking control of his career and potential post-career earnings. He has his endorsements, but he has also developed an interior design company, Modern Class Design, with business partner Antone Barnes. Given his creative sensibilities, he is clearly thinking to the future. Vernon is only 28, but given how quickly an NFL career can end, he would appear to be ahead of the eight ball in preparing for life after football.

And considering his post-football basketball career might be limited, more power to him!

SAN FRANCISCO - Vernon Davis, one of the NFL's top tight ends, and GoPago, the nation's only provider of free cloud-based payment systems, announced a partnership today. The 49ers standout will thank his San Francisco-based Facebook fans and over a million Twitter followers with a $10 credit for any Bay Area restaurant using the GoPago mobile app.

"I do almost everything using my phone, so I think this is a great way to thank my fans at the start of a new season." Davis said. "Plus, I get a chance to help local store owners get more business. As an entrepreneur myself, I'm a huge supporter of anyone who has the courage to go out on their own andbuild a business."

On Thursday, Sept. 13, GoPago and Davis will help fans score big with their favorite local merchants when Davis shares the code "Vernon" with his 1 million Twitter followers and 35,000 Facebook fans. New users of GoPago can download the mobile app on their iOS or Android smartphone, enter the $10 code, and redeem it at one of the hundreds of participating Bay Area restaurants including local favorites A.G.Ferrari Foods, Pearl's Deluxe Burgers, Green Chile Kitchen, and Osha Thai.

Leo Rocco, GoPago CEO, said collaborating with Davis was a natural fit.

"Vernon is a tech-savvy San Francisco icon who has mastered using social media to connect with his fans," Rocco said. "GoPago is opening a direct channel to show these fans his appreciation by connecting them to the merchants they love. And we're doing it on a massive scale. We think that's a game changer in the relationship between athletes and their fans."

In July, thousands of fans of Tim Lincecum, pitcher for the San Francisco Giants, used Facebook and their phones to accept his offer of a free "fan appreciation" lunch in partnership with GoPago.

Friend Vernon on Facebook or follow him on Twitter to get the free code. Check out GoPago at