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Everybody Loves Alex Boone

One of the big question marks coming into the 2012 season was at right guard. The 49ers let Adam Snyder and Chilo Rachal walk in free agency, deciding to move backup tackle Alex Boone to the position. The 49ers drafted Joe Looney and signed Leonard Davis, but it seemed like Boone was ticketed for the starting job from day one.

Boone got off to a solid start in his regular season debut at the position. We did not hear his name or number mentioned too frequently, which is generally a good thing for offensive linemen. There has been some concern about his height at the position, but for now, things are going OK. There is a lot of football left to be played, but so far so good.

It is not surprising that the 49ers coaching staff seems to really like Alex Boone beyond just as a football player. Earlier today, Greg Roman spoke with the media and dropped a great line:

Boone loves playing football. He's a beauty

This came a day after Jim Harbaugh spoke about Boone's performance on Sunday:

How did G Alex Boone do in his first game at guard, and the offensive line as a whole?

"He was outstanding I thought. Just love Alex Boone, love him, love him. Love being around him, love the way he competes. Love the mentality that he brings, the attitude that he brings to our team. I thought he did a heck of a job. And I think he's going to get better and better as well."

Move over Alex Smith, Jim Harbaugh may have a new man crush!