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Bears Vs. Packers: Thursday Night Football Open Thread

Thursday Night Football is back in our lives and will run through Week 13 this season. We had Wednesday football last week, so mid-week football has already been back. But even still, it's Thursday Night Football on NFL Network. Life continues to improve!

Tonight's matchup should be a fun one between one past 49ers opponent and one future 49ers opponent. I don't think the Packers HAVE to win tonight, but they better win tonight. An 0-2 start would put them in an early hole with a home division loss, and that's just no good for them. We'll see how they bounce back on a short week.

The Bears on the other hand are looking to take an early grip on the NFC North. I'm already enjoying the Jay Cutler-Brandon Marshall connection, and I suspect we will see a whole lot of it this season. If the offense can get some consistency, I think this Bears team is a tough out. We could be looking at a fun matchup in Week 11 when the 49ers host the Bears. Of course, one or both of these teams' seasons could get detailed before then, but, fingers crossed!