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Packers Handle Jay Cutler, Bears: 49ers Fans Remain Relatively Happy

Well, after I was feeling a little bit uncomfortable picking the Packers to cover a six point spread, they handled their business with relative ease. They got plenty of help from Jay Cutler, but they put together a better effort tonight than they did last week against the 49ers.

Clark Judge gets credit for tweet of the night though:

The season is way too young to make absolute conclusions, but that does not mean we can't feel a little bit better about our team following this game. The 49ers is unlikely to face this exact performing Bears team in November, nor this Packers team if they meet again in January. By that, I mean that the season is very much a constantly changing "thing". Teams get hot and cold all the time and a team we see in September is not always the team we see in December and January (ask the 2011 Giants).

Nonetheless, I think 49ers fans can take some sense of enjoyment about what we saw out there today.