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49ers Press Conference Live Stream: Jim Harbaugh, Alex Boone

Fooch's Note: The press conferences don't actually begin until 2:15. My bad.

The 49ers wrap up practice week with a pair of media sessions at lunch time. Head coach Jim Harbaugh and right guard Alex Boone will be chatting with the media starting at noon. I can't imagine we'll get a whole lot of much from Coach Harbaugh, but I recommend checking out an Alex Boone press conference. He doesn't have quite the "big" humor of Joe Staley, but he projects a certain measure of confidence that is fun to watch. That could very well be a reason he is taking to the right guard position with aplomb.

I've embedded the live stream after the jump. If you have any problems, check out the live stream. We should have transcripts of the coordinator's press conferences posted tonight or tomorrow morning.

49ers Press Conferences