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49ers Vs. Lions: Enter Sandman?

Given that people here are clearly not confident enough about the 49ers chances against the Lions, I thought I would offer up something that could mean nothing or could mean something at least a little bit interesting.

The Detroit Lions are traveling from just inside the eastern time zone for Sunday night's game. Normally we complain about the 49ers having to play 10am PT games on Sunday, but Sunday night's contest could provide the 49ers with an intriguing edge.

Back in August I wrote about some research indicating west coast teams had an advantage over east coast teams on Monday Night Football due to sleep patterns. This research was focused on Monday Night Football, but there could potentially be a similar connection with Sunday Night Football. I don't know if the human body works in different cycles on the weekend, but it is something to at least ponder.

I think the 49ers are a better team regardless of sleep, and I'd like to think they can handle their business tomorrow night. However, I've also never been one to turn down an advantage!